Saturday, February 25, 2012

Small Press or Self-Publishing?

As I go through the submission process for my novel Second Sight, I find myself facing a possible quandary: small independent publication or self-publishing?

The obvious plus for going with an independent press is that I can say my novel has been traditionally published. However, the publishers that have been interested in distributing my book of course have their own suggested changes to the work. Although some of the edits are helpful, none of the suggestions have been clear across the board. It's such a subjective business, I'm uncertain whether the content edits would improve the story. Not sure if I want to give up creative control in order to say that I've been traditionally published.

There's also the issue of royalties. Obviously, self-publishing your book earns you a bigger cut than going with a small press. However, when compared to major book publishers, your royalty cut will be most likely higher when publishing with a small press.

Another point to consider is marketing. Whether or not you publish your book on your own, you need a marketing plan. Most literary agents and publishing houses will request one as part of the submission process. Although a publisher may do some of the marketing, you're still responsible for promoting your book.

Not ready to make up my mind definitely either way yet. I've send out partials and fulls to several literary agents. I'm planning to wait to hear back before deciding what route to go.