Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Top Ten Books to Read in One Day

On the Broke and the Bookish, they host a weekly Top Ten Tuesday where book-themed blogs all post on the same topic. This week’s theme is the top ten books that you were so excited about that you couldn’t put it down. Who needs to eat and bathe when you have a good book in your hand? I’m sure I’ll remember later other faves, but here are the ten off the top of my head.
  1. The Host by Stephenie Meyer-I looove this book! I actually prefer it to the Twilight series. It’s amazing how she was able to create a sympathetic character out of a body snatching alien.

  2. Delirum by Lauren Oliver-I read this right after Crossed by Ally Condie and I could not put it down. And Oh God the ENDING!!!

  3. Ethereal and rest of the Celestra Series by Addison Moore-If you have not read this YA series about angel bloodlines on earth, do so right now! Plot is fast-paced and the MC is hysterical!

  4. Birthmarked by Caragh M. O'Brien-This book may be another YA dystopian novel, but it’s a cut above many of the others I read. Features a teen mid-wife who delivers babies that she must hand over to a tyrannical society.

  5. Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman-If you’ve never read anything by Hoffman, this is a good one to start with. It’s a series of short stories interconnected through a New England cottage. Her language is hypnotic and she’s such an amazing storyteller.

  6. Lothaire by Kresley Cole-After reading a lot of YA paranormal romance novels, I was kind of hesitant to try out a few adult versions. This book was one of the first I read in the genre and I don't think I slept until the book was finished. Plenty of action and some very STEAMY love scenes.

  7. Fever by Lauren DeStefano-This is a YA dystopian novel with an interesting twist. Genetic engineering has produced a virus that kills you before you reach the age of 25.

  8. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins-I’m afraid to see the movie because I love this book so much. Once Katniss heads into the games, you won’t be able to stop reading.

  9. The Night Villa by Carol Goodman-Goodman is another one of my faves with standouts also including the Drowning Tree and the Lake of Dead Languages. A murder mystery and Italian setting drives the story.

  10. Confessions of a Shopaholic and sequels by Sophie Kinsella-This book I couldn’t put down because it was so freaking funny. I love books that make you laugh so loud that your husband looks at you as if you’ve lost your mind.


  1. Awesome list! I have Delirium and Hunger Games too, and really want to read Birthmarked, so I was glad to see you liked it!

    Something I've been wondering for awhile ... if I (somewhat strongly) disliked Twilight, might I still enjoy The Host?

  2. Yes, give it a shot! It's so different from Twilight, none of the Bella and Edward angst. I'm not a huge sci-fi fan either so I was pleasantly surprised by it.

  3. catherine tophamApril 3, 2012 at 5:20 AM

    Good books heather. I'm. Gonna check out library.

  4. Yay for The Host, I really liked the book and I have to agree I think it is better then Twilight I prefer a strong female lead. I wish I would have read Host in a day, I do need to reread it. I have to admit I'm kinda scared to see how the movie is going to turn out with how badly they destroyed Twilight.


  5. As predicted, I remembered another all-nighter book after writing the post. So, I switched out The Secret History and replaced it with Lothaire.

  6. Great list on your blog too! I've had Eve saved forever on my Kindle, now I'll def have to check it out! I saw the first trailer for the Host and it's hard to tell.

  7. I'm an Alice Hoffman fan. I recently couldn't put Tolstoy and the Purple Chair down and finished it that afternoon. Great list.