Monday, July 9, 2012

Mailbox Monday-July 9, 2012

As I moved my blog this weekend, it cut into both my reading and writing time. I did get some reading done poolside though yesterday and tonight I hope to work on book two of Second Sight. However, I did get a chance to buy a couple of new books and received several titles for review this week. Stop by Mrs. Q: Book Addict to take part in the meme this week.

Books I Purchased:
Requiem (Providence #2 by Jamie McGuire)- I read the first novel in this series a couple of months back. After not loving Beautiful Disaster, I was pleasantly surprised by this paranormal romance series about angels and demons.
The Selection by Kiera Cass-This is one of those books I've had mixed feelings about for awhile. A lot of drama involving the author and some harsh reviews on Goodreads. I'm curious enough to see what all the hoo-ha is about.
Shadows by Jennifer Armentrout-After reading Obsidian, I am anxious to check out this prequel about Daemon's brother and his relationship with a human girl.

Books for Review:
Confessions of an Angry Girl by Louise Rozett-A YA contemporary romance about a girl with family issues who gets involved with a bad boy who may or may not be dating a cheerleader.
Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry-Another contemporary YA romance and by the sound of the description about another angry girl. The bad boy/good girl attraction sounds intriguing. Happy reading!


  1. Following your new blog :) WRITE ON!

  2. Enjoy! your new reads.

  3. I hope you enjoy all your new books!

  4. Now you've piqued my interested about The Selection. If it stinks, I'm gonna be disappointed because the cover is just gorgeous. :) WRITE ON!

    1. I know! I want that dress, lol! The plot sounds interesting enough, so we'll see.