Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Top 10 Underdog Love Interests in YA Novels

On the Broke and the Bookish, the Top Ten Tuesday topic is what ten books you would recommend readers who like a certain novel. Since I did the Meg Cabot post a couple of weeks ago, I decided to do my own topic and discuss the best underdog love interests.
I am actually a big fan of love triangles, but I usually end up disappointed by the book’s end. The guy I want the heroine to choose usually doesn’t have a chance in hell. The poor sap ends up either heartbroken by the conclusion of the series or the writer hooks him up with another girl (or child apparently in some cases like Jacob Black). Here are a few unpopular “teams” that I’m on.

Jacob Black from the Twilight Series
Ok, I see the draw of Edward. Amazingly beautiful and powerful sparkly vampire can seem enticing to any girl. However, I hated how Bella was around Edward. Her whole “he’s so beautiful, why is he with a loser like me mentality” grated on me. With Jacob, I felt they were both on more equal footing and she didn’t have to go through a transformation to be with him. Plus, I thought he was hysterically funny in the novels.

Julian from Delirium Series
Yes, Alex was pure awesomeness in the first book, but I found myself wanting Lena with Julian from the moment she met him in Pandemonium. I felt that it was very sweet how Alex opened Lena up to the possibility of love and she was able to do the same for Julian.

Linden from the Chemical Garden Series
Why do I love the rich polygamist over the sweet servant? For once, I have no idea. I should totally want Rhine to be with Gabriel, but I don’t. It’s not that Gabriel is particularly unlikable, but I think I enjoyed the author’s characterization of Linden far better.

Damon from the Vampire Diaries Series
The show deviates from the books and I believe this is in part to make it more plausible for Elena to choose either Stefan or Damon. Stefan is the obvious choice in the books, although I loved the dark comedy and heat Damon brings to the novels.

Cam from the Fallen Series
Anyone else find Daniel sort of annoying? I just never bought the damned love between him and Luce. However, the scenes with Cam are by far my favorite.
Peter from My Blood Approves
Ugh, this series makes me so mad. Jack seems sweet enough and very earnest, but why wouldn’t Alice be with Peter? It makes no sense to me. She had this blood bond with him and on top of that he’s described as all sorts of tortured and handsome.

Heath from House of Night Series
Poor Heath. I felt he always got the short end of the stick in this vampire YA series. Stark is okay enough for Zoey, but the human boy Zoey dated before she became a vampire has always been my favorite.

Gale from Hunger Games Series
I do like Peeta a lot, so this is probably the most difficult one for me. However, I felt that the connection between Gale and Katniss since childhood made them perfect for one another. Gale also seemed to have an inner strength that the troubled Peeta seemed to lack at times.
Myrnin from the Morganville Vampires Series
Shane is funny as hell, but I love the kookiness of vampire Myrnin. He’s very sweet when it comes to Clare and I think it would be nice to see her with someone besides Shane.

Xander from Matched Series
I don’t particularly care for this love triangle between Ky, Cassia and Xander, but if I had to choose one of the two guys, I would go with Xander.