Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Second Sight Book Three FAQs

Today, I thought I’d talk about Second Sight Book Three. Readers had a few questions about it and I have shared my answers below. Now, if you haven’t read New Revelations, BEWARE, there will be spoilers in this post.

When will the next book be released?
My hope is to release Second Sight Book Three in March. It would be awesome if it works out to be March 7 (my birthday!). I’m working as quickly as I can because I know cliffhangers can drive readers crazy (hopefully in a good way). There will be a total of four books in the series and possibly a prequel novella.

I HATE Declan. Will he ruin everything between Jared and Kate?
Declan has inspired a special kind of hatred it seems. I’m actually planning a character interview post where he responds to all of his hate mail. Declan will be in the next book, but Kate ends up working on a new missing persons case without his help.

Are Jared and Kate really over?
Not if Kate has any say in it. In the first half of the third book, Kate invites herself to tag along with Jared while he visits his aunt in Maine. This part is enjoyable to write because readers get to learn more about Jared and his family. There will also be a chapter told from Jared’s point of view.

Will we find out more about Kate’s future visions?
Kate turns a bit spastic after her vision at the end of last book. She becomes paranoid over who could want to kill her and tries to figure out how to protect herself from the fate she witnessed. The future vision puts a lot of things in perspective for Kate and it helps her continued growth through the next two books.      


  1. omg I can't wait to read the third book now, just can't wait! Sounds like it's gonna be really awesome :)

    Marissa @ For The Love Of Film And Novels

    1. Thank you!!! I'm looking forward to everyone reading it =)

  2. Sounds awesome. I actually liked Declan but didn't want him buggaring up Kate and Jared. :) I'm excited now. I've been hankering to meet the mystic aunt! WRITE ON!