Tuesday, January 15, 2013

HUGE Announcement and Teaser Tuesday for Second Sight Book Three

As promised, I'll be posting another teaser for Second Sight Book Three. But, first I have VERY exciting news to share. I've accepted an offer through Crescent Moon Press to publish my NaNoWriMo book The Memory Witch! I am beyond excited to be working with them, they have an amazing group of writers and staff. I've had a great experience self-publishing my Second Sight series, but I'm ready to focus more time on writing instead of the editing, cover art and formatting that goes into a book when you do everything on your own. Here's the link to my page on the publisher's site and I'll be posting more information as I go through the process: http://crescentmoonpress.com/books/MemoryWitch.html

Here's an unedited version of another scene from the third Second Sight book. In this scene, Declan and Kate are discussing possible suspects over who wants to kill her.

“Maybe it’s someone from one of the cases you’ve worked. You foiled their plans and now they’re out for blood.”
Kate was chilled by the sentiment. “They’re in jail now. But I guess it’s possible for them to hire someone…”
“If not them, maybe it’s someone you know.” Declan paused, as he seemed to mull over potential murder suspects. “Hey, how mad was Jared after you told him you kissed me? Maybe he’s the one who wants to off you.”
She became a little annoyed that Declan could be so flippant about her murder. “With that same sentiment, it could be you that wants me dead. Your thinking may be that if you can’t have me, nobody can.”
He laughed a little too hard for her liking. “Kate, it was a great kiss, but it was barely a blip on my radar. I’m way too good-looking to be pining over some girl.”
“Well, if it isn’t you and I’m one hundred percent certain Jared would never hurt me, who else?”
“You know what we need…a detective. Do we know anyone like that?” he asked sarcastically. “Oh right, you were dating one. It wouldn’t make any sense at all to ask him to help figure out who wants you dead.”


  1. Congratulations!! That's really exciting news :D

  2. Congrats, and thanks for sharing the wonderful teaser. Excited to hear more about your journey with Crescent Moon Press.

  3. Congratulations, lady! The teaser reads very well. Don't forget us small fries when you're cooking with the big boys :) WRITE ON!