Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bookish Updates

Happy Hump Day All! A few updates on my projects today:

Dark Premonitions: Second Sight Book Three will be released on March 7! It’s my birthday, so I’m very excited that the book is going to be ready on time. It will be available through, and Smashwords.

First Visions is going to be available through Barnes and Noble and Smashwords once again starting February 23. I’m enrolled in KDP Select for New Revelations until April 1, but if you’re a Nook user, you can email me for a review copy in the meantime (

First Visions will also be on sale for only 99 cents starting today through February 17. Pick up your copy here:

Memory Witch (Memory Witch #1) has been undergoing edits by the staff of Crescent Moon Press. Once I have a release date, I’ll be posting that information. Everyone at the publishing house has been great and I’ve enjoyed the couple of books I read so far from other CMP authors.

As a bonus, here’s a quick excerpt from Dark Premonitions. Jared and Kate are having dinner with Jared’s aunt while away in Maine =)

Kate sent a swift kick under the table in Jared’s direction. He let out a choked guffaw as she glared at him. As Lizzie and William commenced eating, Jared was unsuccessfully trying to contain his laughter. His hand moved under the table and grabbed her leg before she could assault him again. His fingers trailed up to her knee and squeezed it. Her fork froze midway to her mouth. Instead of releasing her knee, his thumb grazed over thigh. She was suddenly regretting her decision to wear black pants instead of a skirt.

Jared eyebrows shot up as he watched her carefully across the table. She felt his hand start to move away. Her hand darted under the table and she held it in place. His hand inched away from her knee and landed on her thigh. He kneaded her leg and she could feel her pulse quickening the longer he touched her. Her skin was on fire as he maneuvered his fingers to her inner thigh. She was squirming and wondered if Jared could see by her expression the crazed frenzy he was working her into.


  1. All great news, can't wait for Dark Premonitions

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  3. Woohoo! Sounds like a good run! :) WRITE ON!