Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Teaser Tuesday and a Title Reveal-The Final Omen: Second Sight Book Four

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today, I'm sharing an unedited excerpt from the last book in the Second Sight series. I'm also revealing the final (hehe) title: The Final Omen: Second Sight Book Four. I don't have a firm release date, but it will likely be a Sept/Oct release.

The bloodied clothes were off of him, but Jared could still sense Kate’s blood seeping into his skin, tormenting his entire being. Briefly, he had returned to his apartment to change. He couldn’t stand Darlene’s beleaguered expression as her eyes raked over each stain on his clothing. After giving his statement and having the hospital staff assure him that Kate was still in surgery, Jared left the hospital once Darlene was safely ensconced with Dan.
Before he left his apartment to return to the hospital, he had destroyed his bathroom, breaking apart the fixtures, enraged over what had happened to Kate. He couldn’t let Darlene witness him falling apart. There were too many expectations placed on him and he wouldn’t fail Kate this time. He may not have stopped her attack from happening, but he’d destroy the person who was responsible.
He pulled it together long enough to make a few calls from his apartment phone. His cell phone hadn’t been returned to him yet, likely still lying next to the puddle of blood on the dining room floor of the Edwards’ dining room. Pushing the visual out of his head, he heard the person on the other line pick up.
“It’s Jared,” he said. “You’re the last person I’d ever thought I would say this to, but I need your help.”

Jared was becoming a master of compromise. He’d compromise and put aside his dislike of Declan Brayden for the time being. He hated the kid with a passion and resented Declan for his part in ruining Jared’s relationship with Kate. When a wave of abhorrence hit Jared as Declan hurried through the hospital doors, he pretended the feelings didn’t exist.
Darlene unraveled her body from Dan’s embrace and stood up as Declan rushed towards them. “Declan! I’m sorry I didn’t think to call you. How did you hear about Kate?”
Declan tilted his head in Jared’s direction. “Jared called me. What happened?”
Jared hadn’t been able to get much information out to Declan. Jared had explained Kate was stabbed and being treated at the hospital. Declan said he’d be right there and Jared was greeted by a dial tone.
It was surreal to be standing next to Declan and seeing concern etched into his features. Jared had assumed Kate was merely a game to the psychic, someone he could exploit for his own personal gain. It was disturbing to see how much another guy cared for his Kate.


  1. Hope everything works out for Jared & Kate. Great excerpt!

  2. OMG! I am rooting for Jared and Kate and I can't wait for this next installment in your Second Sight series. I'm sad that it is ending. Thanks for the excerpt and title reveal. :)

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  4. Love the excerpt! I can't wait to get my hands on this book :) HURRY UP AND WRITE ON! hehe