Friday, December 20, 2013

Review: Speak of the Devil by Shawna Romkey

Goodreads Summary:

What happens when falling in love and falling from grace collide?

After dying in a car accident with her two best friends, Lily miraculously awakens to grief and guilt. She escapes to her dad’s to come to terms with the event and meets some people at her new school who seem all too eager to help her heal. Sliding deeper into sorrow and trying to fight her feelings for two of them, she finds out who…what they really are and that they are falling too.

Can she find the strength to move on from the past, reconcile her feelings for Luc, find a way to stop a divine war with fallen angels, and still pass the eleventh grade?

Publication Date: March 15, 2013

Speak of the Devil was a fun and exciting read. I liked the main character Lily’s spunk and I wasn’t expecting the twists and turns the story would take after Lily meets a mysterious group of friends at her new school.

The book starts out exciting and I liked the author’s writing style. She has a talent for building up the suspense of a scene and it kept me reading. I really felt like she did a good job at describing the state of mind and emotions of a teen girl who has gone through a tragedy like Lily.

I avoided reading reviews before diving into the book and it was fun not knowing where exactly the story was going. When all was revealed, my jaw dropped. I definitely didn’t expect the story to go in the direction Romkey took it and I was completely wrong in guessing the good and bad guys of the story.

The plot moved at a quick pace and had plenty of action.  I also enjoyed the metaphysical aspects and found the book well researched. It was wonderful how Lily threw herself into battle and didn’t back down. I’m a huge fan of strong female characters in YA literature and Lily took the cake.

The romance was sweet and I loved the hot and cold between Luc and Lily. There was also some unexpected moments of levity which nicely broke up the high drama parts. I’d recommend the book highly to YA paranormal romance fans who want a refreshing take on angels and demons.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

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  1. SWEET! Glad to hear the book took you by surprise :) Wonderful review, Heather! Thanks for sharing. WRITE ON!