Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Guest Reviews: Captivate by Vanessa Garden and Freak of Nature by Julia Crane


In a glittering underwater world, nothing is as it seems.

For the past twelve months since her parents’ death, seventeen-year-old Miranda Sun has harboured a dark secret — a secret that has strained the close relationship she once shared with her older sister, Lauren. In an effort to repair this broken bond, Miranda’s grandparents whisk the siblings away on a secluded beach holiday. Except before Miranda gets a chance to confess her life-changing secret, she’s dragged underwater by a mysterious stranger while taking a midnight swim.

Awakening days later, Miranda discovers that she’s being held captive in a glittering underwater city by an arrogant young man named Marko...the King of this underwater civilisation.

Nineteen-year-old Marko intends to marry Miranda in order to keep his crown from falling into the sinister clutches of his half-brother, Damir. There’s only one problem. Miranda is desperate to return home to right things with her sister and she wants nothing to do with Marko. Trying to secure her freedom, Miranda quickly forms an alliance with Robbie — Marko’s personal guard. However, she soon discovers that even underwater, people are hiding dangerous secrets..

Publication Date: January 1, 2014

Jessica's Review:

4.5 stars. This author has one hell of an imagination, that's all I can say. This story really grabs the reader and has you rooting for the good guys and I'm definitely going to have to keep my eyes open for the next book as I have to know what happens next. I want my own Marco or Robbie. :)


Donate Body to Science. Check.
When seventeen-year-old Kaitlyn checked the box, she never suspected she’d have her life–and her body–stolen from her. She awakens one day in a secret laboratory to discover that her body is now half-robot and is forced to hide her own secret: that she still has human emotions and a human mind. If the scientists who made her find out, they’ll erase what remains of who she was.

Kaitlyn finds an unlikely ally in Lucas, a handsome, brilliant scientist who can’t get over the guilt he feels knowing she was once a vibrant, beautiful young woman. He never expected a science project to affect him the way she does. As he tries to help her rediscover her past, he finds himself falling for the brave girl struggling to find her place and acceptance between the human and computer worlds.

Publication Date: February 2, 2013

Jessica's Review:

3 stars. Ok, so the writing was fine and the subject was a unique one, but it was just a weird story and kind of boring. I just didn't really get it and it didn't make me want to read the next book.

Thanks to the publishers for copies of the novels for review! Thank you to my guest reviewer Jessica for stopping by today!


  1. I love mermaid books but I don't like how they seem to always be the same, so I'll definitely be checking out Captivate! Plus, that cover is pretty! And Freak of Nature sounded So good, but if it's boring I don't know if I should read it...hmmm...

  2. DRAT! I really wanted to read Freak of Nature. Now I'm not so sure. I've never read a mermaid book before (except fairy tales) but Captivate sounds like a good one to cut my teeth on. :) Thanks for the reviews, Jessica! WRITE ON!