Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Teaser Tuesday and Updates on Works in Progress

Happy Tuesday All! I wanted to give an update on my latest writing projects. Here’s my progress and plans for the following works in progress:

The Memory Witch Sequel: I’ve written the first three chapters and I plan to resume work on it early spring. I was trying to write it at the same time as my current work in progress and I’ve decided the process wasn’t working for me. I need to write one book at a time to stay in the mindset of the characters. I have scheduled a blog tour for early March for The Memory Witch and will be posting updates on the stops. There will be reviews, interviews and a gift card giveaway.

Declan’s Untitled Spinoff (Second Sight): SPOILERS AHEAD IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE FINAL OMEN. I can’t leave Declan hanging and it was one of the reasons I decided to do a spinoff book with him as the main character. Kate is going to be a big part of his book as well since one of the plot points is the launching of their psychic investigation firm. Declan will get another chance at romance when they take on a new client searching for her brother. I also wrote a couple of chapters but will get back to the story hopefully early summer.

Falling for Autumn: This is my current work in progress and I’m really enjoying writing a standalone that falls within the New Adult genre. There’s definitely more angst in this one than my Second Sight series, but the characters have really come to life in my head. Autumn and Blake have their share of secrets and despite the strong feelings developing between them, a romantic relationship seems impossible. I included an unedited excerpt below =)

Falling for Autumn Excerpt:

The backyard of the football house was relatively quiet. Only people like me, those desperate for isolation, would venture out in the chilly weather. There were a half dozen students towards the back of the yard, gathered in a semi-circle, most likely sharing a joint while my presence remained unnoticed. I blew out my breath in front of me, mesmerized by the crystallization in the air.
The backdoor opened and slammed shut loudly behind me. Startled, I spun around. My beer sloshed over the side of my cup and wet the shoes of the guy standing before me. The motion lights had come on and I was faced with a now familiar pair of green eyes.
I shrank back and clutched my chest. “Damn! You scared me!” Actually, I’d been primed to kick him in the nuts. I didn’t take well to being startled, especially by hulking men.
“I could see that. I have a pair of drenched feet to prove your point,” he quipped. I almost rolled my eyes when I heard him speak. Of course, his voice would be as sexy as the rest of him. His tone was husky and there was an underlying sensuality in the way his mouth moved as he talked. He pronounced each syllable slowly, giving me plenty of time to watch his full lips move seductively.
I pushed down any lusty stirrings I felt and allowed my annoyance to take its place. “Maybe that will serve as a reminder to not creep up on someone.”
“I’ll keep that in mind,” he said softly.
I expected him to leave, but he stood in place next to me. I cast him a sidelong glance and attempted to check him out further undetected. He was much taller than my five foot six inches and probably weighed twice as me. He wasn’t husky; instead he was broad and muscular. He wore a black t-shirt and his tan biceps were hard to not drool over. The t-shirt was fitted and I could make out the rigid planes of his chest and abs. It was the off-season and I couldn’t imagine how he could get any more cut during the regular football season.
Something about Blake was making me anxious and I gave in to my urge to flee. Without another word, I turned to go. His voice stopped me. “Why are you here?”
It was such an odd question. I laughed nervously. “What do you mean? In the physical or metaphysical sense? Like why am I at this party or why was I ever born?”
He chuckled, but when I caught his eye, I didn’t see humor there. “Why are you at this party? I’ve never seen you at the house before.” He spoke like it was an accusation.
 What was he the party police? His questions were rankling me. It was borderline offensive and I couldn’t get a read on his motives. It didn’t feel like he was hitting on me. Instead, he genuinely wanted me to justify what brought me to this party and into his presence.
“I’m going. Nice meeting you, I guess,” I said sarcastically and took another step toward the door. “I know you didn’t bother asking me my name, but it’s Autumn by the way.”
His fingers slipped around my wrist to stop me from going. I expected to hate the sensation, to despise the feel of a man’s hand on my skin. I inwardly cringed because I enjoyed it. His palm was soft and warm and he didn’t try to roughly hold me. Instead, it was a gentle caress that I missed once his hand pulled away. “Sorry…I’m being an ass. I’m Blake.”


  1. Is Declan's story one book or more? I would like to read more of the series since I enjoyed the characters

    1. Honestly, I'll be taking it one book at a time. The spin-offs will be stand-alones, so although the same characters will appear, it will be one mystery solved in each book. It may just be this one book or more if inspiration strikes =)

  2. I'm so excited to hear that there will be a Second Sight spinoff! As you know I love all your books! Good luck working on all of these new books and thanks for updating us! :)

  3. I read The Memory Witch :) Review to come next week hehe I can't wait to dive into book 2 in that series, am so excited to get my hands on Falling for Autumn, and love the idea of a spinoff from the Second Sight series. YAY! Thanks for the excerpt, Heather. Very nicely written. :) WRITE ON!