Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Works in Progress Updates and Deadly Prophecy (Second Sight Spinoff) Book Teaser

Here are my current works in progress:
Finding Autumn (In Edits)-Release Scheduled for July
Pretending Hearts (Falling for Autumn #2) (In Progress)
Deadly Prophecy (Second Sight Spinoff) (1/4 Complete-In Progress)
The Memory Witch 2 (In Progress)
I'm not going to post official release dates for the rest of the books since I still have a large chunk of them to write. I will give you a teaser though (unedited) of Declan's spin-off book. This will have spoilers if you haven't read the final Second Sight book.

Before he could ask Kate her opinion on the case, she shoved him hard. His back slammed into the brick siding of the restaurant. He glared down at her as she twisted her lips into a hateful expression. “What the hell was that?”
“What are you talking about?” He held up his hands in front of his body. “I told you what she wanted. Not every case is going to be about someone missing.”
“That’s not what I’m talking about and you know it. You’ve been a bastard since yesterday and just embarrassed me in front of a client.”
“You’re the one who kicked me and made a scene. I was joking with you, it’s how we always are.” Kate opened her mouth to retort, but he rallied on. “I don’t know why you’re so sensitive about getting married to Jared. Maybe it’s a mental problem. Have you talked to your mom about it? Maybe your parents’ divorce has given you commitment issues.”
“Or maybe you’re just a dick. Yes, we always rag on each other, but this was different. You called me fat and made fun of my ring.”
“You act like such a girl sometimes. I always tease you about how much you eat and your relationship with Jared. Stop being so uptight.”
“We’ve been friends for a while now and I know you, Dec. I know when you’re messing with me and when something else is going on. You’re not happy about the engagement.”
“Christ Kate, leave it alone. My life doesn’t revolve around you and your convoluted love life. I said I’m happy for you. What else do you want? Should I throw a parade in your honor? Offer to give you away at the wedding?”
Kate took an uncertain step away from him. “No. I thought you would be my friend and Jared’s friend. I thought you would be a decent human being and realize I’m finally happy after almost losing Jared. I can’t change what happened between me and you, but if you can’t deal with it, then maybe we should reconsider a partnership.”
Declan stared over her head into the parking lot. “We’re good. I swear. Maybe my jokes were tasteless, but I didn’t mean anything by then. We make a good team and it would be stupid to walk away from what we started to build together.”
Kate stared at him for a long moment, apparently weighing whether to accept his half-hearted apology or walk away for good. “Fine, but our business needs ground rules.”
“What kind of rules?”
“For one, no sleeping with the clients.” Declan’s jaw dropped as Kate continued on. “Don’t give me that look. I saw the way you were looking at Jenna and picturing her with no clothes on. We can’t have you scorning women who have come to us for help.”
Declan thought it was a stupid rule, but his relationship with Kate was shaky at the minute. He would give her this to appease her. Making their business a success was more important than sleeping with the clients.
“Fine. My rule is to stop hitting me. If we’re working together, I can’t be worried about your violent urges.”
Kate rolled her eyes. “What can I say? You bring out the worse in me.”


  1. Aw I missed Declan!

  2. OMG I am so excited for this spin of! Reading this excerpt makes me want to read the books all over again!

  3. WOW. I can't wait to check these out :) Get to writing, lady :P WRITE ON!