Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Book Release Updates and Finding Autumn Teaser

Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer so far! I've been crazy busy with my boys being off from school and trying to fit in editing for Finding Autumn (Falling for Autumn 1.5). The good news is the release is still on track and the book will be available as an ebook and paperback on July 15!

My next projects will be the standalone Pretending Hearts (Falling for Autumn #2/Delia's novel) and the Second Sight spinoff Deadly Prophecy (Declan's point of view). I've written a portion of each and I hope to have the first draft of Pretending Hearts completed by the end of summer and Declan's book finished soon after. Once there both completed, I'm going to write the two Memory Witch sequels back to back. Wow, I'm feeling exhausted just talking about my plan.

Hope you all enjoy Blake's book! It was really fun to write Falling for Autumn from his point of view and share what happens to him and Autumn following the end of the book. Enjoy the teaser :)



  1. Very excited for all your new releases!

  2. I am tired just from reading your plan! Good luck! I know it will be great. :)

  3. You're releasing it on my birthday!