Monday, June 1, 2015

Review: Extension by L.V. Pires


After having been cryogenically suspended for eighteen years, Oliver Conroy is brought back to life and given a second opportunity to live out his dreams. Velcron Technologies assures Oliver there’s nothing wrong with the procedure. Excited to find his family and finish his senior year at Sierra Vista High, Oliver ventures out into the new and very different world.
Across town, Colby Patterson, Sierra Vista’s star student, has just experienced his soul torn from his body and returned to its original owner, Oliver, leaving him empty, void of emotion, a psychopath, who is now determined to get his soul back using any means necessary.
When Oliver comes to realize he’s being pursued by Colby he must decide what to do. Can he defend himself against this soulless psychopath? Will he be able to bring himself to murder? And, if so, what will happen to his soul?

It’s a battle for the ultimate prize – ownership of the soul.

Publication Date: June 15, 2014

Extension was so much more than I expected! I really loved the story and I especially fell in love with the characters. Fans of YA sci-fi books must add this book to their to-be-read piles.

The beginning of Extension threw me off a little and I actually didn’t know if the book would work for me. There wasn’t anything wrong with the beginning, but I assumed the rest of the book would be heavy with the sci-fi stuff (I’m more into sci-fi/fantasy lite books). I’m so glad I kept reading because I truly enjoyed the storyline. The pace was great and I never grew bored with the plot. The sci-fi elements were there, but they never overwhelmed the story.

The book is told in two points of view: Oliver and Colby. I could tell from the get go that the two have some sort of connection and I was intrigued over how the author planned to tie their stories together. Colby was AMAZING! Loved his character.

The biggest surprise for me about the book was how funny it turned out to be. I loved the dark humor in Colby’s chapters and I found myself giggling more than once while reading.

Extension is a must read for both adults and teens!

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars


  1. Good to hear about the surprising humor and that even with reservations at first, it ended up being a good read for you

  2. I adore laughing out loud! Fern Michaels is really good at that :) Awesome review, Heather! Thanks for sharing. WRITE ON!