Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Teaser and Giveaway: The Ex Trials by Heather Topham Wood

The official release date of The Ex Trials is August 17! I can't wait to share Casey's story with you all while also wrapping up the journey of Autumn and Blake and their group of friends from the Falling for Autumn series. Check out an unedited except below and enter to win my first giveaway to celebrate my upcoming release!


Perception. It was a concept I would end up thinking about a lot. What did most people think when they saw me come into the room? What did the women assume about me? How did men react?

I never realized how much the perception of others colored the way I lived my life. The way I dressed, the way I spoke, every bit of my personality was based on how I wanted others to see me. I was the blonde flake. The party girl. The one looking for a good time. The slut.

The problem with being a fraud was that no one truly knew the real Casey Silvers. They thought they did. They thought I was fine with being treated like a disposable piece of garbage. They thought I was okay with being used and misused over and over and over again. As if my enjoyment of sex made me less of a woman. Society hadn’t evolved. We were still separating women into the Madonnas and the whores.

I don’t think anyone realized how much I wanted to fall in love. I needed love, maybe even more so than most. I watched enough daytime TV to know the girls who slept around were the ones most desperate for affection. I was always looking for the one man who made me feel loved and I loved back. And although the faces of my lovers changed over my four years of college, he always proved elusive.

But then one night, I thought I found him. His kiss, his touch—everything about him sent my heart and body into a never-ending tailspin. I resisted, but he broke down my defenses until I felt my heart belonged to him and him alone.

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  1. Love the excerpt! Reads very well. Nicely done, Heather :) Thanks for sharing.