Friday, February 5, 2016

Review: What Would Lizzy Bennet Do? by Katie Oliver


When your name is Lizzy Bennet, and the object of your affections just happens to have the surname Darcy, it seems fitting that life should imitate art, and you should end up together – right?
So when a film crew arrive to shoot Pride and Prejudice’ at the Darcy estate next door to the Bennet home, and Hugh Darcy arrives home after 8 years away, Lizzy knows that their time has finally come. Until, that is, he introduces her to Holly – his fiancĂ©e…

What is Lizzy to do? It can’t hurt that Holly knows nothing about country life, and that her ex-boyfriend and film star Ciaran Duncan just happens to be the main star of the new movie. And it’s clear that Lady Darcy does not approve of Holly either. Lizzy knows Holly isn’t right for Hugh, but can she make him see that and get her Austen ending after all?
Publication Date: January 15, 1016
Sometimes I just need a book that leaves me with lots of warm and fuzzy feelings. I picked up What Would Lizzy Bennet Do? because I wanted to turn my brain off for the night and just go along with a sweet, silly romance. Although the book worked for me on some levels, I didn’t love it as much as I had hoped.

I adore anything and everything Pride & Prejudice related. Although the setup for this novel was a little corny, I still went with it. I immediately liked the two Darcy brothers and Lizzy provided a lot of comic relief. I would have preferred that most of the story focused on the love triangle between Holly, Lizzy, and Hugh, but the book became riddled with subplots. If the novel was more focused and didn’t seem to throw in strange and unnecessary plot twists, I would have loved it so much more.

If you’re looking for chick lit that is funny and sweet, then I suggest you pick up What Would Lizzy Bennet Do?

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Thanks to the publisher for a copy of the novel for review!


  1. This sounds cute! I would read this. Are you going to see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?! I want to. :D

  2. Adorable review. :) I love to turn my brain off now and then and just read :) Thanks for sharing, Heather!