Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Deadly Prophecy Release and Giveaway

Psychic Declan Brayden is through chasing women who have given their hearts to others. He had thought Kate Edwards would be his partner in work and life, but while she remains a steadfast friend and psychic business partner, her heart will never be his.

News of Kate’s engagement shakes Declan up much more than he’d ever admit. He tries to distract himself with a string of one-night stands, but nothing seems to help him get his head on straight. Finally, a new case seems to be just the thing he needs to forget all about his convoluted relationship with Kate.

Jenna Carnavale has come to Declan with a rare request: instead of hiring him for a missing persons case, Jenna asks him to solve the murder of her brother. With very few clues to go on, Jenna is convinced Declan’s psychic abilities are her only hope of getting justice for her brother’s brutal slaying.

Declan believes finding the murderer will help jumpstart his newly founded psychic investigation firm. The only problem he has is not violating Kate’s one rule for their business: hands off the clients. Declan has to find a way not only to reveal the killer, but also to stop himself from falling for the beautiful college student.

***Standalone Novel***

AmazonUK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Deadly-Prophecy-Second-Sight-Spin-Off-ebook/dp/B01MU72VD3

“Dec, do you ever wish away our abilities?”
Declan and Kate were sitting together at her mom’s kitchen table with a pizza between them. Declan had already devoured half the pie while Kate was taking nibbles off of the crust. They’d been working around the clock together lately to find out who had been stalking Kate. He didn’t want to believe Kate’s premonitions would come true and she’d be killed, but he wasn’t taking any chances.
“Not really. What else would I be doing now? My grades sucked and I wasn’t into sports. Besides amateur porn, I didn’t really have too many job opportunities.” His joke fell flat. He frowned at her expression. Ever since she’d broken things off with Jared, she would get a faraway look—made her look like the loneliest person in the whole damn world. “Why? Would you give it all up? Say to hell with being psychic?”
“I would,” she admitted quietly.
“Why? Do you know how many people would kill to trade places with you?” Declan demanded, incredulous over her confession. “We may not have complete control over our powers, but we still get to see so much more than anyone else. Kate, without our abilities, we’d have no idea that someone is planning to kill you.” He stood up then. “I don’t get you sometimes. You know how much good we’re doing; how the hell could you wish it all away?”
“Are we doing so much good? What about Melanie—”
He didn’t dare let her finish. “We’re not talking about Melanie again.” His voice left no room for argument. She looked defeated, but he kept his face emotionless. Let her think he didn’t care about what happened to Melanie. The truth didn’t matter. Kate had gotten too attached as it was. If she understood how many nights Melanie’s face had haunted him, she would never move on. Erasing Melanie from both of their memory banks was a necessary evil.
“I feel all of their pain.” Tears filled Kate’s eyes. “All of these cases we work on… there aren’t enough happy endings. Day after day, I have to relive all of the hell they’ve all been through.” A sob shook her shoulders. “And I have my own pain now. I have this horrible ache in my chest that won’t let up. And I can’t escape Jared. When most couples break up, they can avoid each other indefinitely. But not for a psychic. Every night, he haunts my dreams. And this will go on and on. I’ll be forced to see things I’ll never unsee. Every time he kisses another woman, professes his love, I’ll be a silent spectator. Forced to watch him build a life with someone who isn’t me.” Her self-control dissolved as she cried openly into the palms of her hands. Her cries were heart-wrenching because they weren’t fresh. Her anguish wasn’t fading, although she had shed enough tears for a dozen breakups. 
“The visions of Jared will go away, I promise you.” He sat back down, avoiding her eyes.
Wiping at her cheeks, she took a long, steady breath, attempting to regain her composure. “How do you know?” Her hazel eyes were full of genuine curiosity as she asked him.
“Because I used to have visions of my family all the time.” He changed his somber tone to sound glib. “You would think disowning your family would get you out of stupid holiday gatherings.”
“And what? You don’t have them anymore?”
He could tell by her tone that she didn’t believe him. “Not at all.” The admission was a half-truth. He still had visions of his past with the Brayden clan, but not as frequently. At eighteen, after his ski accident, he’d had little control over his psychic gift. Avoiding his family’s thoughts became easier after years of practice. “You will get over Jared one day. I should warn you, though. He’ll probably spend the rest of his life wanting to punch himself in the face for letting you go. Especially when the day comes that you have moved on.”
She managed a smile. “Really?”
Declan sure as hell hoped so. Because once Kate was over Jared, maybe he’d have his shot. He had tasted her already, felt her pressed against him—and once wasn’t enough. His premonition before they had met suddenly replayed his head: the one of the two of them together in his house—and happy. He had barely recognized himself in the vision. Making dinner together in his kitchen, laughing at her jokes, kissing her until his mouth ached. Declan couldn’t remember the last time he’d been truly happy. Hunger overruled happiness. When you didn’t have money, your sole purpose in life was to get paid.
“Yes,” he said with certainty.
The look she gave him at the moment would come to haunt him indefinitely. Her customary annoyed expression she usually gave him softened. Kate looked at him as if he represented possibility. Like her future wasn’t laid to waste because Jared decided to break things off with her. Declan hadn’t seen any signs of Kate’s interest pointed in his direction since the night they kissed.
“Okay then,” she said, swallowing hard.
He smiled. “Okay then what?”
“I won’t wish away my gift ever again because what we’re doing is too important to stop. I’m going to believe things will get better. There is more than one fate written in the stars for me.”
       He could hear the resolution in her voice, although Kate had no idea what she was doing to him. She was clueless how he would later take the conversation as proof that they would be together one day. Her words and the way she stared at him—it could be the beginning of the end. Because, at the moment, he realized he just might be falling in love with her.

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